Local gyms offer array of options for those who are trying to get fit

As students return to Happy Valley for another semester, many have health-related New Year’s resolutions on their minds to combat the excess calories most students consumed over winter break.

While this past fall was warmer than average, students can expect a brutal winter, resulting in fewer joggers around campus and more overcrowded gym facilities. However, finding the right gym based on preferred workout regimes could help students save time and money.

For students seeking a gym that specializes in cardio, East Coast Health and Fitness offers a variety of classes to their members. Located at 250 W. Hamilton Ave., East Coast offers Pilates, boot camp, spinning and many other classes, General Manager Scotti Mullen said.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.02.52 PM
LionHeart fitness center located at 127 Sowers St. State College, PA. John Baranoski/The Daily Collegian.

“A lot of places in town are niche clubs. East Coast has something for everyone. We have an awesome group of instructors that work hard with member,” Mullen said.

Currently, East Coast is running a special to help motivate locals with their New Year’s resolutions. By purchasing a one-year membership, members can receive one additional free month of membership. East Coast offers group discounts as well as special rates for individuals, families, students and seniors, Mullen said. In her eight years at East Coast, Mullen said its rates have been raised only twice.

For students seeking a quieter space that have access to a car, Fit For Play is a viable option. Fit For Play is located at 2160 Sandy Dr., about three miles off campus. The gym specializes in physical therapy and offers a unique atmosphere for members.

“We initially see an up-kick in usage after the new year but within a month, we go back to our regular amount of members,” General Manager Craig Turner said. “There’s a lot of space for people to spread out.”

He believes this helps create a non-intimidating atmosphere for members.

According to Turner personal training rates vary from $25 to $40 while an individual monthly rate is $60. He also said Fit For Play has not increased its rates since the gym first opened in 2003.

LionHeart Fitness is available for students who are seeking more intense workouts such as Crossfit, martial arts and kickboxing classes. Nate Tote, manager of LionHeart, also said there is always a surge of new members after the holiday break. LionHeart is located downtown at 127 Sowers St.

Recently, LionHeart has been recruiting new members through social media. Before, during or after workouts, members who post a picture at the gym and tag the location on their Instagram posts can receive prizes. Those who get the most likes can receive prizes such as free merchandise and discounted rates, Tote said.

“At LionHeart we try to figure out members’ goals in order to find the right workout for them, which helps keep members motivated,” Tote said. “We don’t want anyone giving up after two weeks.”

To read the article which was originally published on The Daily Collegian, click here.

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