Target store coming to Fraser Centre

For students, Target can be a one-stop shop for basic college necessities. However, having the closest retailer at 315 Colonnade Blvd . poses a challenge for students without a car.

Fortunately for them, Target has announced plans to open another retail store at the Fraser Centre for October 2016 , Real Estate Capital Management Developer Gary Brandeis said.

The new Target will be located at 118 S. Fraser St ., which is off the corner of West Beaver Avenue and South Fraser St reet. The store will have two entrances and will occupy 27,793 square feet, Target’s spokeswoman Kristy Welker said.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.29.28 PM
A rendering of the new Target coming to the Fraser Centre in Downtown State College. Courtesy of Target.

The downtown Target will be geared more toward students, Brandeis said.

“I think having a Target in downtown State College will benefit both students and the community,” Brandeis said. “With a location within walking distance, Target can easily bring customers closer to their store.”

Students will also have the option of shopping online on Target’s website and picking up the ordered product at the location, Brandeis said.

The downtown location also makes itself more appealing to students as it will offer customized furniture for smaller living spaces, such as dorms and off-campus apartments, Brandeis said.

Target takes their community’s needs into consideration and in college towns items such as storage bins and apartment decorations are in high demand, Welker said.

“Target’s goal is to appeal to their customers in a way that’s convenient to them,” Welker said. “By adding a location within walking distance we can reach more customers.”

The new location will also feature “Fan Central” merchandise, which will consist of products that are popular among college students, namely sports team apparel, Welker said.

Additionally, this Target will offer a CVS pharmacy, a Starbucks, fresh produce and an electronics department, Brandeis said.

“We’re finishing up the ‘skeleton’ of the building and we should be able to start working on the interior of the store by early spring,” Brandeis said.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched as new retailers have been announced as upcoming projects at the Fraser Centre and we are very excited to see that Target is one of them,” Communication Coordinator Courtney Hayden said.

The new Target should help the downtown economy thrive, Hayden said.

To read the article which was originally published on The Daily Collegian, click here.

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