Seniors head to Café for 55 Days

As students returned from spring break, many seniors headed to Café 210 West to kick off the 55 Days celebration on Monday night. The event has created a tradition among graduating seniors as “55 Days” represents the final stretch before commencement.

March 14 marks the first of 55 consecutive days where patrons can purchase an item, either food or beverage, off of Café’s menu in exchange for their name being added to the Class of 2016 plaque. The first 100 participants to sign up were given free T-shirts and plastic shot glasses, courtesy of Smirnoff.

In addition to having their name added to a plaque, which will be displayed at the Arts Festival in July, those who successfully complete the 55 days will be invited to an exclusive party with free drinks, food and entertainment on Day 55.

Customers participating in 55 Days will be given a number upon registration to check in and record their participation. For those still participating next week, an I.D. will be given for the same purpose. Participants must use the I.D. to check in with a bartender or doorman, according to Café’s website.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.37.39 AM
Café is located on College Avenue. Nick Thomas/The Daily Collegian.

While 55 Days can be a costly investment, many students are determined to visit Café every day as a celebration for their upcoming graduation.

“You can get away with just making a $5 purchase every time,” Tim Hayes (senior-material sciences and engineering) said. “I’ll probably end up spending more than that some days, but at least there are specials.”

Wilson Ishak said his main reason for participating in the event is to spend time with friends.

“It’s a chain reaction,” Ishak (senior-material sciences and engineering) said. “Friends invite other friends and suddenly you’re bonding with new people.”

Having an academic schedule that starts later in the day and large gaps in between classes can make it easier to attend Café every day, Ishak said.

Patrons are allowed two unexcused absences that can be expunged by participating in a “Day Long shift,” which consists of staying at Café from either 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. Patrons are allowed only two day-long shifts and must check in with the manager beforehand, according to Café’s website.

“I’ll try my best to stick it out,” Tyler Karl (senior-landscape contradicting) said. “Getting a group of friends together can make it easier to stay with it.”

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