Sanders campaign provides support at senator’s State College headquarters

Tuesday afternoon saw a large portion of the State College community volunteer for the Pennsylvania primary.

Colleen Unroe, one of many Bernie Sanders volunteers, campaigned at the senator’s State College headquarters, 426 S. Allen St.

As a graduate student, Unroe said she decided to volunteer because she has been involved on campus with issues such as economic justice and health care reform for graduate students.

Sanders lost the Pennsylvania Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton.


Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.43.40 PM
Volunteers from the Bernie Sanders campaign attempt to persuade students’ votes during Pennsylvania primary elections on Tuesday, April 26, 2016. Georgi DeCarmine/The Daily Collegian


“I recognize that it’s really important to have elected officials that are concerned about the people,” Unroe said. “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that I’ve come across that is super inspiring and has the courage and conviction to hold corporate interests accountable.”

Through her involvement in the Coalition of Graduate Employees union and previous job at a local hotel, Unroe said she is appalled by the economic injustice she has witnessed.

“Many of the local people employed by that hotel could not live in State College because the housing is not affordable here,” Unroe said. “They would drive 45 minutes to work a job where they were barely making over the minimum wage.”

Unroe said she planned to go door-to-door on Tuesday to spread the word about Sanders. She said she was excited to talk with voters, hear their concerns and possibly teach people why it is important to vote.

Students for Sanders volunteer Carmen Caputo was handing out stickers and fliers yesterday in front of the HUB-Robeson Center to support the Sanders campaign.

“Bernie Sanders is the first presidential candidate in my lifetime where everything he says I completely agree with,” Caputo (junior-information sciences and technology) said.

Caputo said the Students for Sanders organization has been phone banking and canvassing over the past couple of weeks.

Andrew Heddleson, a Students for Sanders volunteer, said the organization has also been “dorm-crashing” around campus to knock on doors and get the word out about the primary.

“A lot of people I’ve talked to didn’t realize that the primary was [Tuesday],” Heddleson (sophomore-communication sciences and disorders) said.

Heddleson said he supports Sanders because he cares about the environment to a greater extent than any of the other candidates.

Jake Ryan, director of Centre County for Sanders, said the Pennsylvania primary results will be very telling of Sanders’ role in the election, as the state is worth 189 delegates.

A lot of momentum was dependent on last night’s results, Ryan (sophomore-political science) said.

Lauren Smith, president of Students for Sanders, said she was in class for most of the day but later helped pass out fliers and participated in discussions on campus, namely with Trump supporters.

“I respect their passion because we’re the same way about Bernie,” Smith (senior-political science) said.

To read the article which was originally published on The Daily Collegian, click here.

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